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In this comic tale loosely tied together by the desire of a woman to have a baby, Jean-Luc Godard spends eighty minutes bombarding us with visual gags, exaggerated petty fall-outs between a couple in their apartment, and funky music set to the streets of Paris. It is ultimately a stage created for Miss Karina, who […]

Auteur theory states that directors, as the creative forces behind all films and the ultimate controllers of the photography, music, acting, editing, scenery and everything else, should be classed as artists in the same way Dylan, Dostoevsky and Da Vinci are. If there is ever a director with a style so distinctive, so original and […]

The title ‘Babel’ has biblical origins. It was the name of the tower built by the post-Flood people to glorify man, help reach the heavens and symbolise the power of humanity when unified in one location with a single language. God, so the story goes, disapproved. He destroyed the structure and scattered the population across […]

‘This is not your typical story of boy meets girl.’ So we’re told at the beginning of (500) Days of Summer, to the sound of Regina Spektor’s Us, which marks the start of the most hip and joyful soundtrack of the year. The start is actually the ending. We know from the outset that Summer […]

It is easy to be fooled into thinking Shutter Island isn’t a big release. For some cynical financial reasons, Paramount thought it would be best to focus on promoting Where the Wild Things Are, and consequently to push this film’s release date, and thus, in turn, to push Martin Scorsese (what on earth were they […]

In the opening scene of Wild Strawberries, Isak Borg, the film’s main character, writes in his diary about how he has become withdrawn from other people in his old age, and increasingly sees ‘social intercourse’ as nothing more than half-hearted discussions about the behavior and actions of others. A picture is thus painted immediately of […]

“Because of all the pressure over the Production Code and the Catholic Legion of Decency at the time, I believe I didn’t sufficiently dramatize the erotic aspect of Humbert’s relationship with Lolita. If I could do the film over again, I would have stressed the erotic component of their relationship with the same weight Nabokov did… […]