55th BFI London Film Festival.


I’ll be popping down to the capital three times over the next week to catch some early screenings of forthcoming films, showing as part of the London Film Festival. Lots to choose from, and I really wanted to see The Ides of March, Shame and the like as soon as possible, but it’s hard to justify paying £20 to see them a few months in advance when an ounce of patience will ensure I save £15.

As it is, then, I stuck to a policy of avoiding ‘big’ films. Reviews will be following in due course for all of the following:

1 – The Dish and the Spoon. This one is showing at the Ritzy in Brixton on Friday, and I take it as a good sign that it’s sold out. It’s a gamble given there’s barely any information online about it, but the concept sounded sufficiently interesting for it to be worth a punt. Festivals are, after all, surely primarily about seeing stuff you wouldn’t otherwise see.

2 – America, America. Far from new, this Kazan film from the 60s is newly restored from the BFI archive. I adore Kazan, and this one is otherwise only available in the UK as a Region 2 import on Amazon for the price of £24. No brainer, then.

3. Into the Abyss. I’ve never seen a Herzog film, so this will be my first. It’s a documentary on capital punishment in the States. Timely, given recent happenings in Georgia. Also sold out.

4. This Must Be The Place. Click here. I trust Sean Penn. Need I say more?

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