The Dish and the Spoon (Alison Bagnall, 2011)


Greta Gerwig (Rose), Olly Alexander. Screenplay by Alison Bagnall. Directed by Alison Bagnall. Running time: 90 minutes.

Look, wannabe indie directors: making a decent non-blockbuster doesn’t involve simply assigning yourself a small budget and filming two people doing fuck all. If you observe how many smaller films nowadays seem to think this, you might be led to believe otherwise, but I assure you the attitude is pathetically mistaken. There are reasons films like that stay on the fringe of festivals, and The Dish and the Spoon finds every one of them. There is simply nothing – absolutely nothing – to take pleasure in here, not because the material is overly bleak but because it’s so damn weak. Two lost souls alone and wandering through life meet, talk a little, do ‘hip’ funny things (these are the ‘sweet’ moments), go their separate ways and – that’s it; the credits roll up. Nothing to say, nothing to ponder, which is fine so long as you entertain whilst your film lasts. This doesn’t. It just infuriates. I’d say don’t bother, but it probably won’t reach your cinema anyway.

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