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Jean Dujardin (George Valentin), Bérénice Bejo (Peppy Miller). Directed by Michael Hazanavicius. Rating: PG. Running time: 100 minutes. Fresh off formidable reviews and awards-season success, The Artist comes to our multiplexes against all odds. The trailer cleverly disguises the fact that by going to see it, you will be swapping dialogue for silence. That move has resulted in an […]

Shameful semen.


Heh. This Hungarian poster found itself banned.

Well I won’t fake surprise, but it is a little shocking just how long and heinous the list of omissions is. Fassbender got snubbed for Shame, and presumably for similar conservative reasons Drive failed to pick up any heat. The former is the main scandal, but the latter’s not much better. Reznor and Ross, winners last year, were […]

Looking back at my list to the right here of what I’ve seen this year (I’m talking of the ‘year’ as aligned with the Oscars. So 2011 started after last year’s award ceremony, and ends upon the arrival of 2012’s. In America, real and Oscar calendars coincide because to contend for awards films must be […]

Jodie Foster (Penelope), Kate Winslet (Nancy), Christoph Waltz (Alan), John C. Reilly (Michael). Screenplay by Yasmina Reza. Directed by Roman Polanski. Running time: 80 minutes. I seldom howl in cinemas nowadays when the best humour on offer is The Hangover Part 10, but that has all changed with Carnage: a crisp, well-cut Polanski piece shedding light through satire […]

Evidence. I so noticed this. It makes sense in films which are meant to be hip, quick and investigative – it’s a good way of showing the characters are cool and on the move, so on the same wavelength as to know when the conversation’s purpose has been fulfilled and is now over. But sometimes […]

Decent discussion of the issue here, though the digression regarding what percent of total films one has seen, or indeed should aim to see, strikes me as odd. We would never think this way about music or books. With regards to my own case, anyway, I have no idea what my rate has been like down the […]

Michael Fassbender (Brandon Sullivan), Carey Mulligan (Sissy Sullivan), James Dale (David Fisher). Screenplay by Abi Morgan. Directed by Steve McQueen. Rating: 18. Running time: 101 minutes. For the first time in years, and definitely the first time since I became a Serious Moviegoer, I broke a Golden Rule in missing the start of Shame. I […]

Buster Keaton (William Canfield Jr.). Directed by Charles Reisner. Rating: U. Running time: 70 minutes. Just look at that face, and tell me it isn’t marvellous. It had always been clear to me just what a fine actor Keaton was, but it wasn’t until last night, seeing Steamboat Bill at the BFI to the sound of […]

Here. Featuring Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I kid you not. Respect for picking Midnight though.