In Defence of Cinemas.


Ebert posted recently on what he perceives to be the decline of the movie theatre. Andrew Sullivan has been compiling comments from readers of The Dish since, available here, here and here. I’m particularly feeling the first comment on that last link:

I actually find myself going to more movies now than I ever have for one sole reason: my waning attention span. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to put on a DVD or a downloaded movie only to pause it after 20 minutes because I’m so fidgety. I’ll also usually find my iPad in my hands while I’m trying to watch, which isn’t exactly the best way to immerse oneself in a story. However, when I go to the theater, I have no choice but to give the movie my undivided attention for two hours. I can’t check email (or The Dish!) and I can’t get up to putter around while the movie is on. The theater forces me to watch what’s in front of me, and I subseqently find that I get far more enjoyment as I would at home.


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