How many movies have you seen?


Decent discussion of the issue here, though the digression regarding what percent of total films one has seen, or indeed should aim to see, strikes me as odd. We would never think this way about music or books.

With regards to my own case, anyway, I have no idea what my rate has been like down the years, and I was normal in not keeping a record. But for around 4 years now, I guess, I’ve kept up a very good rate; I would expect it to be comfortably over 100 annually.

Since I started this blog anyway, almost 2 years ago now, that’s definitely true. The archive suggests in 2010 from March onwards alone, I saw 149, and that wouldn’t include repeat viewings which only lead to one review. Then for 2011? 149 again! Though by this point I did do the odd repeat review and the occasional post on other things, so the real figure will actually be more like 135.

There’s no reason to think I’ll slow down at any point during my life, so if I live to be, say, 80, that’s another 60 years of viewing – a life total of well over 6,000 films.

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