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Compliance is not out in England yet, but when it arrives I urge you to see it. Catching it in the States last week offered the most jarring moment I can recall ever experiencing. Having spent the day strolling through Philly’s Historic District – with Independence Hall and Liberty Bell making it practically a paean […]

I’ve watched several films this month that I wanted to review and planned to, but in the end a holiday abroad meant I never got around to it. Now I can’t write about them, because that breaks my golden rule of only writing with my immediate reactions and thoughts in mind. It’s hard work recalling […]

Christian Bale (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), Anne Hathaway (Selina), Marion Cotillard (Miranda), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Blake), Gary Oldman (Gordon), Michael Caine (Alfred). Screenplay by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan. Directed by Christopher Nolan. Rating: 12A. Running time: 164 minutes. One noteworthy plot-spoiler included. When we are children, countless films appear […]

We’ve often been moved by Meryl Streep, not least in the likes of The Hours and Kramer vs Kramer. She has also frustrated us by wasting her abundant talent on trash like The Iron Lady. But I’m trying to think of a film in which I have found her attractive, and none come to mind. Watching The Manchurian Candidate last night, I think […]

I’ve often wondered what it’s like for gay people to watch straight romance in films. Does your inability to connect to the sexuality of what you’re seeing hamper the emotional experience? I suspected so, but having caught Brokeback last night for the first time I now know that that’s nonsense. This simple tale of two […]

Charlize Theron (Mavis Gary), Patton Oswalt (Matt Freehauf), Patrick Wilson (Buddy Slade), Elizabeth Reaser (Beth Slade). Screenplay by Diablo Cody. Directed by Jason Reitman. Rating: 15. Running time: 94 minutes. Jason Reitman is back for the first time since Up In The Air with another sharp-hip comedy-drama, and it’s no surprise to discover that Young Adult is […]

Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack Dawson), Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater), Kathy Bates (Molly Brown), Billy Zane (Cal Hockley), Bill Paxton (Brock Lovett). Screenplay by James Cameron. Directed by James Cameron. Rating: 12. Running time: 194 minutes. I want to say so much, and really feel the film deserves it, but lacking time right now brief comments alone will […]