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Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack Dawson), Kate Winslet (Rose DeWitt Bukater), Kathy Bates (Molly Brown), Billy Zane (Cal Hockley), Bill Paxton (Brock Lovett). Screenplay by James Cameron. Directed by James Cameron. Rating: 12. Running time: 194 minutes. I want to say so much, and really feel the film deserves it, but lacking time right now brief comments alone will […]

Ben Kingsley (Georges Méliès), Sacha Baron Cohen (Station Inspector), Asa Butterfield (Hugo Cabret), Chloë Grace Moretz (Isabelle), Ray Winstone (Uncle Claude), Emily Mortimer (Lisette), Jude Law (Hugo’s Father). Screenplay by John Logan. Directed by Martin Scorsese. Rating: U. Running time: 127 minutes. It’s impossible to avoid this, so let’s get it done first and foremost and quickly: just what has happened here? […]

Bruce Willis (Tom Greer), Radha Mitchell (Peters), Rosamund Pike (Maggie). Screenplay by Michael Ferris and John D. Brancato. Directed by Jonathan Mostow. Rating: 12A. Running time: 89 minutes. Surrogates asks us to imagine a world in which everyone can plant their real physical selves in bed all day, and instead live life through a custom-designed […]

Alfred Abel (Jon Fredersen), Gustav Fröhlich (Freder), Rudolf Klein-Rogge (Rotwang), Fritz Rasp (The Thin Man), Theodor Loos (Josaphat), Erin Biswanger (11811), Heinrich George (Grot), Brigitte Helm (Maria / The Robot). Directed by Fritz Lang, Screenplay by Thea Von Harbou. Rating: PG. Running time: 118 minutes. First things first: this film was not made in 1927. […]

When I finished watching Avatar for the first time, I was in awe. It was hard not to be. How can one not be overwhelmed by the grandiose beauty of the world Cameron created, which comes to your eyes in 3D? I found, however, that the loyal attachments one feels to the film immediately after viewing […]