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Soledad Villamil (Irene Menéndez Hastings), Ricardo Darín (Benjamín Esposito), Guillermo Francella (Pablo Sandoval). Screenplay by Eduardo Sacheri and Juan José Campanella. Directed by Juan José Campanella. Rating: 18. Running time: 129 minutes. This is a special one. A real, real delight. Unheard of until it surprisingly picked up the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, The Secret in Their […]

Steve Everts (Eric Bishop), Eric Cantona (Eric Cantona). Screenplay by Paul Laverty. Directed by Ken Loach. Rating: 15. Running time: 116 minutes. I’m completely perplexed. This one’s just mental. What is it? A paean to a footballing hero, a treatise on working class life, a delve into a past love affair, a gun-related thriller or […]