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Cary Grant (John Robie), Grace Kelly (Frances Stevens). Screenplay by John Michael Hayes. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Rating: PG. Running time: 106 minutes. Oh Hitch, you old genius. Every time I think I’ve devoured your filmography and haven’t missed a trick on your IMDb page, another springs out of the history box and shouts ‘watch […]

Yun-Fat Chow (Tequila), Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Alan), Philip Kwok (Mad Dog), Philip Chan (Pang), Wei Tung (Foxy), Hoi-Shan Kwan (Mr. Hoi). Screenplay by Barry Wong. Directed by John Woo. Rating: 18. Running time: 128 minutes. Get me a thesaurus, because the two most apt adjectives that spring to mind here – ridiculous and outrageous […]

Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones), Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood), John Rhys-Davies (Sallah), Paul Freeman (Dr. René Bellog). Screenplay by Lawrence Kasdan. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Rating: PG. Running time: 115 minutes. Everyone’s not only supposed to love this one, but they’re supposed to love it the most. Unfortunately I definitely cannot associate myself with the latter […]