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Rinko Kikuchi (Naoko), Kenichi Matsuyama (Watanabe), Kiko Mizuhara (Midori). Screenplay by Anh Hung Tran. Directed by Anh Hung Tran. Rating: 15. Running time: 133 minutes. Murakami’s coming of age novel dominated by prose detailing the thoughts of a wandering teenage boy has come to the big screen, and by necessity the thought-based book has been translated into a much quieter […]

Alright, so as promised, for those like myself with a greater obsession over cinema and who are fortunate enough to live in a city with decent opportunities for watching smaller films, here’s the second batch of my recommendations regarding what to look out for this Fall. You should most certainly have the privilege of seeing […]

So this is my first blog post that’s not a review, but it’s also the first time since I started running this thing that the Fall of a year has approached. That means it’s Oscar season. Because of the Academy’s short memory, it seems all studios make sure their films are released in the three […]