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Salon sets the challenge as follows: It is assumed that you’ll have an indestructible DVD player with a solar-recharging power source… You can list 10 feature films, one short and a single, self-contained season of a TV series. The short is easy. I’d take One Week without a second thought. As is my choice for a first feature […]

Starring Buster Keaton. Directed by James W. Horne. Rating: U. Running time: 66 minutes. A short scrawny bookworm nerding it out 24/7 in the library as other boys bat baseballs and chuck javelins, Keaton here plays a boy intent on getting sporty in a final go at fulfilling his love-crush’s wishes and rescuing his chances […]

Keaton shorts.


It’s hard enough to review silent movies in their own right, never mind when they’re also shorts. I gave The General and Sherlock Jr. the best attempts I could, but the latest four Buster Keaton features I’ve seen barely stretch over 20 minutes each. And yet they are, largely, amazing, and thus to not add […]